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Why You Should Re-Train Your Lizard Brain

One morning my son was cutting an apple for his school breakfast. Being a first grader, he was used to his knife since kindergarten time. The whole family was in a comfort zone with that knife. Suddenly, while my son

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How to Become an NLP Master Trainer

Before you think this guy, who has repeatedly written that he is a skeptic, has gone nuts: I have not changed. It is very easy to become a master trainer for neuro-linguistic programming, NLP in short. Just put the title

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How to Fight the Meeting Vulture

Many of us have seen meetings in action that waste people’s time and intellectual capacity. This post shows some types of meeting vultures and the “IDEAS2” pattern to overcome them. Here are some meeting vultures in action. Click To Tweet

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How to Reduce Waste of Intellect

Since objectively measuring waste of intellect is difficult, reduction is difficult, too. Here are some ideas, but no perfect strategies: Do not attend meetings with more than five participants or without a clear agenda. Regular meetings should either be intentional

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What is Waste of Intellect?

Waste of intellect is brainpower used for wasteful things. Click To Tweet My first example for intellect waste comes from the waiting waste section. I hope you like the others as well. If you have a to-do list which is

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