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Compliance and the Illusion of Control

What is worse — doing something right for the wrong reasons or doing it wrong for the right reasons? Whenever we want somebody else to do something and we are in a position of power that question comes up. It

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The Luck Factor: Wealth, Pareto, Bell – a Love Triangle?

Check the video to get insights about Wealth, Pareto, Bell, and the Luck Factor.

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A Pareto Chart Example (with Lean Self Blog Data)

Would you like to see an example for a Pareto Chart? I had that on my backlog for some time but was looking for some data which is suitable. Last week I did an analysis of my post visits and

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How To Manage Your To-Dos with 6 Folders (2/2)

The Lean Self 6 Folders approach is one way to use Kanban for managing your to-dos. How to apply the pull principle to your to-do list. Click To Tweet Here is the routine I suggest for pulling to-dos through the

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How to Manage Your To-Dos with 6 Folders (1/2)

There are a lot of approaches for managing your to-dos and your to-do list(s). Because to-do lists are inventory, you want to keep them easily manageable. Unfortunately, most ways of doing this you find out there tend to be more

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