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How to Create Your Personal Dashboard

Dashboards are very good visual instruments. In this post, I give you a template for your own personal dashboards. With this dashboard you can monitor your satisfaction with various aspects of your life. Discover the Lean Self personal dashboard today.

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How Do You Measure Value?

Measuring value is tricky but possible. Click To Tweet First of all, you should not start to measure value with money. That is wealth and can be easily measured, but in your private life you should never confuse wealth with

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What is Quantified Self?

Everybody who uses a scale to weigh himself regularly knows quantified self on a small scale. Quantified self is the numerical measurement and controlling of your life. Click To Tweet As of now, most of it is from the realm

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Make a List of Your Habits (Exercise)

Exercise 20: Make a list of all your habits. Once you have that list, mark every habit with “+” for a good one, “-“ for a bad one, “0” for a neutral one, and “?” for one you cannot decide

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Don’t Make Assumptions

Finding the root cause for a problem starts with a thorough analysis of a situation as it is right now. Attacking the symptoms is a sign for lazy thinking. My water tap example was a little too simple to explain

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