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What You Can Learn about Lean from the Game “Flappy Birds”

  “Flappy Birds” is a Lean game. It delivers value (fun) to its target group (casual gamers) with minimum effort (game play and production cost) at a price accepted by the market (zero, if you do not count in the

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Strategies for Using the Pareto Principle

Did you read my post about the Pareto Principle? Today I want to discuss how you can derive strategies for change from it. Check out these strategies for using the Pareto Principle. Click To Tweet

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7+1 Reasons Why a Bicycle Vacation is Lean

Did you ever consider a bicycle vacation? Heare are eight reasons why you should consider a bicycle vacation: Less Waiting Waste: You most probably won’t stand in a traffic jam and you don’t sit around in train stations or airports.

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How To Reduce Over-Production

How do you reduce over-production? The basic rule is simple: Before producing something, check if it adds value. Click To Tweet It is best not to reduce over-produced results, because then the damage has had its impact already. You need

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What is Over-Processing Waste?

Often the reason for waste is that you do things more complicated than required. In an earlier post, I said ironing underwear was over-processing. In that case, it is not that the processing is too complicated. It is just not

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