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Can you improve how you ask for help?

Exercise 11: Review your answers to the last exercise. Are conditions missing? Which condition could you drop by compensating with the other two? The three conditions for requests have also another function. After identifying why your need is justified and

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Make a list of favours you requested in the past

Exercise 10: Make a list of things or favours you wanted from others in the past. How did you request them? Were your requests justified, modest, and reciprocal? You can go a little more into the details if you like.

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3 Essentials when asking for help

Be careful, there are some things you need to consider before actively pulling. Your request must be justified. If you cannot deliver a good reason for it, it will fail. Your request must be modest. If your request is outrageous,

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The dangers of waiting

Here is an example: Maybe you think it is time for a promotion in your job. The last promotion is long overdue in your own eyes, and your boss did not discuss the topic in the previous performance review talk.

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Remember your school time, you still can learn from it today

You might wonder if the learning example from my last post is a contradiction to the pull principle. Late preparation can be understood as doing things at the latest possible moment, reducing superfluous work. However, this depends upon your definition

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