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If Your To-Do List is Empty, there is No Fun

Recently, a reader of this blog made an interesting remark, which is the title of today’s post. It actually made me wonder: how happy are we if our to-do list is empty? And how full can it be until we

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What are the Elements of an Improvement Plan?

A good improvement plan does not need much. Basically, there are three kinds of improvement plans: Increasing value, reducing waste, or both. Check out: What a good improvement plan should contain. Click To Tweet

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7+1 Reasons Why a Bicycle Vacation is Lean

Did you ever consider a bicycle vacation? Heare are eight reasons why you should consider a bicycle vacation: Less Waiting Waste: You most probably won’t stand in a traffic jam and you don’t sit around in train stations or airports.

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Waste Trade-Off

It should be clear from the discussion of waste reduction: there is a trade-off between the various types of waste. If you want to reduce one kind of waste, you may be forced to accept a little more of another

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How to Reduce Waste of Intellect

Since objectively measuring waste of intellect is difficult, reduction is difficult, too. Here are some ideas, but no perfect strategies: Do not attend meetings with more than five participants or without a clear agenda. Regular meetings should either be intentional

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