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The Mythology Of Management Seems To Start in First Grade

  Today I present a post by Mike Stoecklein. Thank you to Mike that he alows me to republish this here. I still remember some things from when I was in kindergarten.  My teacher was Mrs. Sears.  We took naps

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Time is not Money – Time is Life

Everybody knows it. Time that has past cannot be replenished. What is gone is gone. But who acts according to this knowledge? I have no scientific statistics to back this claim up, but I dare to say: nobody uses all

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Digging Deeper (Exercise)

Exercise 17: Choose a major problem you have had in the last six months and draw a fishbone diagram to analyze it. Start with a good problem statement. Click To Tweet You can use the (standard) categories suggested in my

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Root out of Reach

Although it is a good idea to dig deeply in order to find root causes, you can go too deep. When you dig to deep, a root value analysis becomes useless. Click To Tweet If you come to root causes

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Fishy Affairs (Finding Complex Root Causes)

Even if complex problems need a more detailed analysis, we want to find a way of writing down the results easily. This is what fishbone diagrams are for. With fishbone diagrams, you can analyze multi-dimensional root causes. Click To Tweet

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