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What was the Root Cause? (Exercise)

Exercise 16: Pick one of the following examples or something that happened in the recent past and try “5 Why.” Unpaid bills Forgotten to-dos A car accident A quarrel at home or at work Bad grades in an exam While

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Lean Chicken Incident

One standard method of Lean to find root causes of a problem is the “5 Why” method. It is quite simple: If you face a problem, ask yourself why often enough to find the real reason. Click To Tweet Let

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Don’t Make Assumptions

Finding the root cause for a problem starts with a thorough analysis of a situation as it is right now. Attacking the symptoms is a sign for lazy thinking. My water tap example was a little too simple to explain

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Attack the Root Cause, Not the Symptoms

When something is causing us trouble, the natural reaction is to fix it quickly. Such troubles can be waste, as discussed earlier, but a lot of other things can go wrong, too. Unfortunately, just fixing things quickly can be the

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How To Reduce Over-Production

How do you reduce over-production? The basic rule is simple: Before producing something, check if it adds value. Click To Tweet It is best not to reduce over-produced results, because then the damage has had its impact already. You need

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