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How to Write a Lean Diary

Have you ever started a diary, keeping up the enthusiasm for some days, and then skipped the habit? Do you have lots of diaries from your past, but never look into them again? In this post I suggest how to

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Pareto in the Kitchen

Welcome to the third post in my mini-series about learning and the Pareto Principle. In this post I will share some thoughts about cooking and how to learn it. If you have read my posts about language learning and driving

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5 Steps to Find Your Own Personality Brand

Some time ago, I wrote about brands from a more critical point of view. Today I want to show that having your own “personality brand” is good, nevertheless. Having your own brand helps to define your own place in life

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What is Micro-Meditation? (Exercise)

Remember my post about Micro-Sport? Here is something similar: Micro-Meditation. Give Micro-Meditation a try now. Click To Tweet

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How Do You Measure Value?

Measuring value is tricky but possible. Click To Tweet First of all, you should not start to measure value with money. That is wealth and can be easily measured, but in your private life you should never confuse wealth with

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