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How to Fight the Meeting Vulture

Many of us have seen meetings in action that waste people’s time and intellectual capacity. This post shows some types of meeting vultures and the “IDEAS2” pattern to overcome them. Here are some meeting vultures in action. Click To Tweet

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How to Reduce Task Switching (Motion Waste)

In an earlier post I discussed, that task switching is a kind of motion waste. You could look for the other methods to reduce this kind of waste, but I suggest to chose different approaches in this post.

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How to Reduce Waiting Waste (Exercise)

The first step to reduce waiting waste is to get a useful to-do list. Having an inventory of to-dos in your mind will never allow you to manage it properly. Exercise 14: Make a small list of to-dos, between a

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How do You Measure Waiting Waste?

Waiting waste is one of the most prominent and important types of waste. Why? Because waiting reflects the scarcest resources of our lives: time. If we want to reduce spoilt time, we need to reduce waiting waste. Measuring it is

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What is Waiting Waste?

Waiting is a special case among all waste types. In most cases, the victim of this waste is not responsible for it in the first place. This makes its elimination more difficult, because one nearly always is dependent on the

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