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If Your To-Do List is Empty, there is No Fun

Recently, a reader of this blog made an interesting remark, which is the title of today’s post. It actually made me wonder: how happy are we if our to-do list is empty? And how full can it be until we

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How to Create Your Kanban Board with CardBoard Index Cards

Maybe you already have seen my CardBoard app in Google Play. In the most recent version I have added some Kanban (or Scrum) support. One big advantage of this app over other Kanban solutions is that it is not requiring

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How Would You Like a Match “Fun vs. Obstacles”? (Exercise)

Remove obstacles. Have more fun. Click To Tweet Today I want to deliver an exercise that visualizes why you do not have as much fun as you would like. This exercises works only if you have some personal kanban solution

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How to Build Your Portable Scrum or Kanban Board

Do you need a Scrum or Kanban board that you can take everywhere? Do you have limited space at home? Do you want to keep your walls and furniture free of sticky notes? You could go high-tech and use one

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How Many Chaotic Islands Do You Have?

Living on a tropic island is a dream for many people. Living with chaotic islands, on the other hand, can be a nightmare. A Chaotic Island is a seed of disorder around which more chaos grows. Click To Tweet In

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