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What You Can Learn about Lean from the Game “Flappy Birds”

  “Flappy Birds” is a Lean game. It delivers value (fun) to its target group (casual gamers) with minimum effort (game play and production cost) at a price accepted by the market (zero, if you do not count in the

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How to Drive a Car with the Pareto Principle

Recently, I started a short series about the Pareto Principle and Learning. Today, I want to continue this with an application to the way one acquires his or her driver’s license. Getting your driver’s license is hardcore Pareto thinking at

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7+1 Reasons Why a Bicycle Vacation is Lean

Did you ever consider a bicycle vacation? Heare are eight reasons why you should consider a bicycle vacation: Less Waiting Waste: You most probably won’t stand in a traffic jam and you don’t sit around in train stations or airports.

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How to Reduce Transportation Waste

Transportation waste can cost you a lot of money and time. Moving things around does not add much value. What can you do to eliminate it? First option, of course, is to make only unavoidable transports. However, this is more

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What is Transportation Waste?

When I commute I carry a large backpack with me: Laptop, power adapter, tablet, food for the day, letters, pens, two mobile phones, notes, sometimes a book or two. You name it, it is in there; we are talking about

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