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Value Trade-Off: Why I Post Less

You may have noticed that I post less. There is a simple reason for that: value trade-off. Until recently, I used to go to the office via public transport. That was a lot of wasted time that I filled with

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Cultural Differences in Process Perception – Who is Who?

In my last post I wrote about cultural differences between nations A, B, and C. As promised, find the solution which nation is which: Americans (Nation A) are result oriented. Germans (Nation B) are process driven. Indians (Nation C) are

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What Drives You: Processes or Results?

Recently, on a train trip, I had an interesting conversation. One thing we talked about were cultural differences between various nations. I won’t bore you with the details, but here is what the conversation boiled down to: Cultural background has

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Are Your House Rules Value Driven? (Exercise)

Do you have familiy rules? Are you working in a team that has team rules? Do you have house rules that visitors have to accept? Would you prefer that people behave according to these rules? Then today’s exercise is for

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What You Can Learn about Lean from the Game “Flappy Birds”

  “Flappy Birds” is a Lean game. It delivers value (fun) to its target group (casual gamers) with minimum effort (game play and production cost) at a price accepted by the market (zero, if you do not count in the

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