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Why Values are no Absolutes

Recently I stumbled upon some interesting dojo (house) rules of a karate dojo. Using value and development squares we are going to examine these rules today. You will be surprised how the opposite of the rules can also form a

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The Winners: Lean Beyond Award 2013

Finally, I can present you the winners of the Lean Beyond Award 2013. Collecting candidates was not as easy as expected, but finally I got some nominations via my twitter feed. I hope you like my choice of winners and

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Why Settle for a Baby and a Little Patch of Land?

You surely know Albert Hammond’s song about the Free Electric Band. Here is a part of it that inspired me to write today’s post: She’d settle for suburbia and a little patch of land So I gave her up for

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Pareto in the Kitchen

Welcome to the third post in my mini-series about learning and the Pareto Principle. In this post I will share some thoughts about cooking and how to learn it. If you have read my posts about language learning and driving

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How to Square Value (Part 2)

Last Wednesday I introduced the tool “Values and Development Square.” Today I want to show you in more detail how to use it. Understand a value conflict between people. Click To Tweet To use the square for understanding such conflicts,

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