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5 Reasons to Quit Waiting for Your Dreams to Come True

Imagine the following dialogue: Person #1: “Since I am 17 I wanted to learn the Italian language.” Person #2: “You are 67, what happened to your dream in the last 50 years?” Person #1: “Well, somehow things never came out

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The Dangers of Waiting Waste, Revisited

Some time ago, a friend of our neighbor turned 72 and ordered a very big recreational vehicle. It would have cost 160’000€, but before it was delivered the doctors discouvered a vicious type of cancer. He cancelled the order and

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Time is not Money – Time is Life

Everybody knows it. Time that has past cannot be replenished. What is gone is gone. But who acts according to this knowledge? I have no scientific statistics to back this claim up, but I dare to say: nobody uses all

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Micro-Sport (Exercise)

From the Lean perspective, sport is ambivalent: On the one hand, it can be fun and improve your health, thus adding value. On the other hand, you can view it as motion for the sake of motion, which could be

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What is Waste of Intellect?

Waste of intellect is brainpower used for wasteful things. Click To Tweet My first example for intellect waste comes from the waiting waste section. I hope you like the others as well. If you have a to-do list which is

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