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The Winners: Lean Beyond Award 2013

Finally, I can present you the winners of the Lean Beyond Award 2013. Collecting candidates was not as easy as expected, but finally I got some nominations via my twitter feed. I hope you like my choice of winners and

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The Dangers of Waiting Waste, Revisited

Some time ago, a friend of our neighbor turned 72 and ordered a very big recreational vehicle. It would have cost 160’000€, but before it was delivered the doctors discouvered a vicious type of cancer. He cancelled the order and

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How Would You Like a Match “Fun vs. Obstacles”? (Exercise)

Remove obstacles. Have more fun. Click To Tweet Today I want to deliver an exercise that visualizes why you do not have as much fun as you would like. This exercises works only if you have some personal kanban solution

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What is the Zero Waste Workweek?

I’m sure most of my readers have heard of or read the book “The Four Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris. Today, I want to put something against it that is even better: The Zero Waste Workweek. It is not about

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Doing the Right Things vs. Doing Things Right

Using your time wisely can be seen as a matter of efficiency and effectiveness. You surely know the classical definitions of those two terms: Efficiency means reducing input and resources required for a task while effectiveness is increasing useful output.

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