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Monthly Challenge: Why Would You Suggest Lean Self to Your Friends?

To be frank: I get feedback about this blog on twitter mostly. This is fine for me, but I want to reach the next level: your feedback, on this blog itself. Why Would You Suggest Lean Self to Your Friends?

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What is Quantified Self?

Everybody who uses a scale to weigh himself regularly knows quantified self on a small scale. Quantified self is the numerical measurement and controlling of your life. Click To Tweet As of now, most of it is from the realm

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What are the Top (and Flop) Lean Self Pages?

I was wondering what people like to read on and looked at the data of the last month: Top 5: How to Reduce Rework Waste Fishy Affairs (Finding Complex Root Causes) What was the Root Cause? (Exercise) What is

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Do You Need a Lean Self Coach?

Have a look at the Android App that is available in Google Play now. Do you know Eliza, the grandmother of Siri and all chatterbots? Lean Self Coach is an Android app in the same tradition. With this fun app

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You Can!

An even shorter definition of self-empowerment than the one I shared with you earlier: You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will. (Stephen King) Have a look at more posts about self-empowerment.

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